Do Kolibri Tales contain alcohol?

No, they are non-alcoholic cocktails and do not contain any alcohol.

Are they Vegan?


Do they contain artificial flavours or sweeteners?


Do they contain CBD?


When is the best time to enjoy Kolibri Tales? 


As an alcohol-free option, Kolibri opens opportunities to say yes to that lunchtime or dinner drinking occasion with friends and colleagues.

Kolibri Tales were designed to match British, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, and Indian cuisines. 


Where are the drinks made?


Our drinks are made in Britain and have been recognised as The Telegraph's Great British Business of 2019.

Nutritional Information:

Tales of Tuscany
Tales of Tuscany Nutritional Information
Tales of Marrakesh
Tales of Marrakesh Nutritional Information
Tales of Somerset
Tales of Somerset Nutritional Information

What is in the cap?

Personalise your drink with the perfect finishing touch by infusing some ‘liqueur de dosage’ from the cap.
Transform your non-alcoholic cocktail from brut through extra dry to demi-sec.
Kolibri Cap
If you have any other questions regarding our drinks, please GET IN TOUCH with our team.