Gently add the exquisite blend of golden agave, with its hint of caramel and zesty lemon, for a dash of sweetness which enhances the botanicals.

“This ‘dosage’, believe it or not, is comparable to Champagne, where a base wine is finished with a ‘liqueur d’expédition’ which determines whether the formerly bone dry sparkling wine becomes Brut, Extra Sec, Extra Dry, Demi-Sec or Doux...”
Douglas Blyde.

The Concept

Kolibri means hummingbird in over 30 different languages and is seen as a symbol of joy and freedom around the world.

Drink it however you please, with as much or as little nectar as you wish. The freedom of choice is now yours. 

The Inspiration

This is a story of how four lemonades can change one's life. Seriously.

The idea of tailored soft drinks was born on a gorgeously indulgent spa break with friends. Uninspired with the pool bar's menu, we ordered four home-made lemonades.

It should have been an easy order for the barman, except it wasn’t! 

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