Customisation is your right – not a privilege!

Jan 21, 2019

Kolibri bottle and glass

According to Mintel, “Customisation is the biggest trend impacting all industries, globally. Customers demand choices and the opportunity to explore and express themselves through the food and drinks they consume.”

In all aspects of our lives, we expect to choose. There is evidence of personalisation and customisation found everywhere. It’s about using Netflix, tailoring holidays, having your car made to order or being offered menus which cater for specific dietary needs. But within bottled drinks there is no mechanism for the consumer to choose just how much sweetness (if any) they would like. The category is called RTD (Ready-To-Drink) for a reason. Drinks come in pre-designed formats with flavours and nutritional content ready to be consumed as is and with the aim to appeal to the average taste of millions of people. But average and mass market is not how consumers are seeing themselves any more.

Millennials in particular are no longer prepared to accept mass produced goods or services which do not fit in with their values or lifestyle choices. “Whether they indulge or abstain, your guests expect to be delighted, empowered, engaged, understood and able to express themselves through the food & drinks they consume in your venue”. (Deloitte, 2017) Currently within drinks, customers can personalise their coffees and sometimes alcohol, but 1 in 2 would like to experience a soft drink creation experience, similar to hot drinks or mocktails and 65% would like to customise their food and drink.

Kolibri Drinks comes to the market with an entirely new and innovative proposition.

Kolibri offers every consumer, at each occasion the ability to control the sweetness and flavour complexity. With the addition of a few drops of the nectar in the cap, the sweetness is intensified according to taste. Kamila Sitwell, co-founder of Kolibri Drinks and a soft drinks industry specialist describes how she came to realise the importance of personalisation.

My ‘eureka’ moment was when out dining with friends. We all ordered homemade lemonade. It should have been an easy order for the barman, except it wasn’t! We all expected the drink to match our own taste preference, but it was either too sweet, too sour, too little ice and so on. The barman had to re-create the order one drink at a time, mixed to each individual taste. All the insights, industry knowledge and trends I studied for years suddenly made so much sense – the future of the soft drinks must be bespoke.”

Our mantra at Kolibri drinks is “Customise, don’t compromise!” By stocking Kolibri, individuals will be able to have the drink that is just right for them, every time.


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