The way we work is changing.

We are all working remotely now.

Productive? Maybe.

Disconnected. Definitely!


The need for managers to connect with their employees and keep their staff morale high is greater than ever.

Treat your team to non-alcoholic bespoke drinks at your next zoom session. Celebrate milestones and keep your team’s spirits high with Kolibri Drinks.  





“It's been a challenging time for those who are managing large teams. At the end of the day, the brief meetings at the office kitchen or the walk to the closest Starbucks have become a thing of the past. My team leader organised a Kolibri session last Friday and the entire team had a wonderful time. Since the drinks are alcohol-free, everyone could join in! Will definitely be ordering again!”



5 stars: Excellent

- HR Manager, Accord Marketing






Kolibri drinks are a non alcoholic, sophisticated dream! Beautiful tasting and a treat for the eyes these are a product you shoudn't ignore! I recently placed an order for hundreds of cases for my employees working remotely around the UK. A friendly and helpful team made the ordering process easy and stress free. The bespoke drinks were highly enjoyed by the whole company and i'm very much looking forward to working with them in the future!”


5 stars: Excellent

- Office Manager, NaturalMotion Games




Kolibri Drinks Bespoke Botanical Infusions
Kolibri Drinks eGift Card


We can deliver 10 to 1000 boxes of Kolibri Bespoke Drinks to individual members of your team.

Choose from our range of Bespoke Botanical Infusions.


Not sure which drinks will delight each individual team member?

Our range of eGift cards can take that worry away from you.

Receive 20% Off Entire Purchase for orders above £250.


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