How brands approached Dry January in 2019

Jan 29, 2019

January calender

As Dry January 2019 is coming to an end, I’m happy to celebrate the number of amazing people that, like me, have seen the positives of losing the booze. Monthly challenges like this and Sober October not only attract large numbers of people, but I think they make a real change in our culture. They ask us to sit down and really take a long hard look at our habits, something we often try not to think about.

Not only have we seen people get behind Dry January in force this year, but we have also seen brands stand up and support. If the numbers are to be believed, a whopping 4.2 million people were expected to take part this year, so brands are quite right to see this as a great opportunity to jump on the bandwagon.

In this article, I look into how brands have approached Dry January 2019.




The UK arm of Welch’s, the grape juice company, has embraced Dry January in full force this year. The brand is looking to position itself as a healthier alternative to soft drinks for those who are looking to ditch the booze. Throughout the month they have been running competitions on their twitter page and giving away juice in order to celebrate Dry January.

Soda Stream




As part of their more recent rebrand, Soda Stream has been highlighting the eco-friendly nature of their product. During January, as well as sharing their own custom no-alcohol recipes, they have also been tweeting about how using a soda stream to create your own soft drinks meaning less plastic waste and more customisation.

Real Kombucha




Real Kombucha have been great advocates for Alcohol Change UK, the charity behind Dry January, often providing products for competitions and supporting the work the charity does. This January is no different, as, as well as using their social media channels to offer kombucha as a great, non-alcoholic alternative, they have been promoting the campaign as a whole. They have even taken part in the Alcohol Change UK podcast, which you can listen to here.

Drynks Unlimited



Drynk and drive 😉 #RethinkingDrinking #DryJanuary #Veganuary

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Drynks Unlimited’s slogan is ‘rethinking drinking’ and their products are a good example of that. They currently offer a ‘soft cider’ and ‘soft beer’. Both created in the image of their inspiration, minus the alcohol. This year as well as supporting Dry January, they have been attending mindful drinking festivals and promoting Veganuary.

Nix and Kix




Nix and Kix products all have one thing in common, they contain Cayenne pepper. On their site, they say: “It surprises most people that a soft drink containing no added sugar or chemicals can deliver a kick that inspires that ‘wow’ moment. And it’s that instant surprise that we love.” They have previously partnered with Alcohol Change UK to create their own unique mocktail recipes, which they continue to share this year.

Outfox Drinks




Outfox Drinks are a new kid on the scene in the new age soft drinks market. The drinks are made with wine in mind but are non-alcoholic and have 1/4 of the calories of a standard glass. This year, Outfox Drinks have partnered with Alcohol Change UK and Dry January 2019 to offer their products as competition prizes for the charity. As well as this, they have been promoting themselves as a great alternative to wine for those looking to ditch the booze.

Kolibri with Cardamom & Chilli

Here at Kolibri, we are proud to be a non-alcoholic drink in an alcoholic world. Customisation is our goal, and with so many amazing brands coming forwards all in the interest of allowing people freedom of choice, we couldn’t be happier. Dry January is a great thing that allows people to have a go at life without booze, and we hope it helps a lot of people see that life is better sober!

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