The idea of tailored soft drinks was born on a gorgeously indulgent spa break with friends.


The idea of tailored soft drinks was born in early 2015 on a gorgeously indulgent spa break with friends.

That day, we stared at the pool bar's menu feeling totally uninspired. It was 4pm, too late for another coffee, too early to hit the cocktail button, bored with water and unexcited with the selection of soft drinks. The barman came to the rescue suggesting his freshly-made lemonade.

Four likeminded girlfriends with comparable jobs and backgrounds, the same age, enjoying the same bonding occasion, ordering the same drink.

It should have been an easy order, except it wasn't!

The drink created by the barman delighted my taste buds, but none of the other girls liked it.

Too sweet!

Too sour!

Not sweet enough!

We didn't wait long for the attentive barman to serve the second set of lemonades, this time prepared one drink at a time, exactly the way we liked it

Later that night, I was lying awake in bed feeling a bit embarrassed about the chaos we'd created at dinner. We all ordered steaks but clearly liked them cooked to different degrees of "medium-rare"...

There was something about those two incidents that bothered me and the same thoughts kept rolling around in my head like loose marbles... all the drink industry trends and data I studied for nearly a decade kept resurfacing and colliding.

Suddenly, like a gigantic puzzle, each piece of the insight, one by one, impeccably clicked together.

One size doesn't fit all. Perfect flavour combination does not exist. Customers are individuals with unique tastes. Customisation is the only way to ensure everyone's satisfaction. Bespoke is the future. Customisation is King.

A light bulb went on in my head. 'Could soft drinks be tailored to the consumers' unique tastes? Every bottle, every sip, every time?

I didn't know the answers then, the "what" and the "how" were just a blur in a pure abstract sense, but the idea got hold of me and just wouldn't let go...