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Why are people switching to CBD?

Apr 22 2020

Why are people switching to CBD?

For those who haven’t tried CBD, we understand that the main appeal is the range of benefits people have reported from trying it. Whether you struggle with sleep or want to explore its effect on serious issues like Alzheimer’s, many people have found CBD the panacea they were looking for.

In this article, we explore the main benefits people have reported from using CBD. As with all CBD products, the benefits can vary vastly from person to person and you should work out on your own how CBD works with your body.

Relief from anxiety

One of the reasons I see many people picking up a CBD product, like a CBD drink, for the first time, is to help with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. Whether someone has a long-standing issue or is struggling during a stressful time like the COVID-19 pandemic, finding a way to help ease worries and quieten your mind can be a real relief.

Stress and anxiety build-up due to the neuroreceptors in our brain, and this is why CBD products can have a positive effect. CBD works with the bodies endocannabinoid system, which, when stressed, can dysregulate, helping it get back on track.

CBD also promotes neural regeneration, which can help restore parts of the brain that have been damaged due to chronic stress more effectively.

Combats seizures

Something many may have seen in the news in the past few years are the wonderful effects cannabis is having on those with life-changing epilepsy. For those with severe epilepsy, the seizures can be really detrimental to a normal life. However, in recent years, a select few have been able to use medical cannabis which can help to prevent, or even in some cases stop seizures.

Where CBD comes in, is where medical cannabis is not available. As CBD is one chemical taken from the cannabis plant family, it can provide, to some, relief from seizures.

When discussing Epidyolex, medical-standard CBD, UK organisation Epilepsy Action say: “Studies suggest that CBD may be an effective treatment for children with some types of hard-to-treat epilepsy. To assess how effective an epilepsy treatment is, researchers often look at how many people have a 50% or greater reduction in seizures. A recent evidence review found that one in every 8 people taking CBD would have a 50% or greater reduction in seizures. A much smaller number (less than 1 in 150) would become seizure-free.”

If you are looking to take CBD to help with seizures, please contact a medical professional first. Epidyolex is available through the NHS when prescribed, and although high-street CBD products may be able to help you, they may also interfere with other epilepsy medications, so it is important to talk to a doctor before trying it.

Fends off neurodegenerative issues

Older woman smiling with daughter

One of the potential benefits of CBD that has been lesser-explored is those pertaining to neurodegenerative issues. A problem that many worry about experiencing in their life, neurodegenerative issues can see someone’s brain function decline, especially in later life.

Although there aren’t many long-term studies to call on, there is the thought process in some that the neuro-regenerative properties CBD can have may be one way to help prevent or ease these issues.

As well as issues within the brain, neurological ailments can also affect other areas, like causing pain in the body, causing psychosis, effecting sleep or causing tremors. Some of these other issues can also be helped by CBD; sleep aid and pain relief are two of the products highly reported benefits.

Offers pain relief

One of the main reasons CBD is used by so many athletes is due to its pain relief properties. Many times, pain can be caused by, or enhanced by inflammation. As an anti-inflammatory, CBD can help alleviate this issue, especially when used as a topical.

Even ingested, CBD can have a positive effect on helping ease inflammation. This can be brilliant for those who have muscle aches from working out, but it can also benefit other things.

For example, if you suffer from acne, it may be able to help clear that, or even in some situations offer some relief from medical issues like arthritis which are worsened by inflammation.

Promotes better sleep

I’ve spoken before about how CBD can help enhance sleep, from helping people drift off to offering a better quality of sleep once they are there. This is due to the same calming properties that can also help with anxiety.

She Digs Deeper blogger Nina spoke to us about this, and she told us: “Having at least two migraines per month, CBD is a great resource for me to help me sleep and relieve my pain at least a bit. Before I had access to CBD products, I always had trouble sleeping, due to the unbearable pain in my head. Thanks to CBD, I can now at least sleep for two hours at a time and forget my pain for a bit.”

The team at The Extract told us: “Some people have previously said that CBD oil is a great sleep aid. CBD is known to address the root causes of anxiety, depression and chronic pain. All of those illnesses can lead a person to suffer from insomnia.”

There are many benefits of CBD in drinks, as well as other CBD products, and they can help a wide range of people. CBD does affect every person differently, so you’ll have to try it to find out how it can work for you, although, once you do, you’ll surely enjoy it. Especially if you try it in a tasty CBD cocktail.

My CBD drinks are perfect for beginners, as you are able to tailor the amount of CBD in your drink to your exact needs. Meaning, you can start on a small amount and work up.

Benefits of CBD:

  • Relief from anxiety
  • Combats seizures
  • Fends off neurodegenerative issues
  • Offers pain relief
  • Promotes better sleep

About the author:

Kamila is a bestselling author of  “Bespoke. How to radically grow your bar and restaurant business through personalisation”, and passionate trend-spotter for the UK Eating Out market with thousands of followers on her widely popular blog www.KamilaSitwell.co.uk.

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