Spring/Summer Drink Trends for Low&No

Spring/Summer Drink Trends for Low&No


As we wave goodbye to another winter season, many of us are beginning to look forward to spending some time in the sun. As the days get longer and our gardens begin to bounce back with vibrant colours, it’s only natural that we’re going to want to spend more time outdoors, socialising with friends and family. However, with more people opting for the healthier choice and choosing to abstain from alcohol, it’s likely that this Spring and Summer will be very different compared to the boozy yesteryears. 


A Change in Taste is Here to Stay 

The last few years have already seen a sharp decline in the overall consumption of alcohol, especially within the new generation coming into legal drinking age. Low and behold, this trend was only increased by the recent pandemic as people sought a new and healthier alternative to their usually alcoholic tipples or something a little more interesting to tickle their taste buds. 

Kolibri was at the head of this trend as the decade ended and they seem to be at the very forefront of the curve as we head into the next. There is no sign of the taste for low-alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks disappearing anytime soon, in fact, it is only set to increase. 

This increase in demand, coupled with the consumer’s desire for flavour experimentations, will match perfectly with the expansion of Kolibri’s bar-quality, non-alcoholic cocktails, setting a tone and benchmark for low and no drinks across the market.

Kolibri’s range of non-alcoholic drinks is inspired by gourmet tales from around the world, taking drinkers on a global journey without leaving the comfort of your own home. For example, the Tales of Marrakesh will transport your taste buds to the busy medinas of Morocco, and you can’t help but feel the sea breeze in your hair when you sip on the Tales of Tuscany.


Greater Emphasis on Ethical Practices 

As more people begin to stray away from habits such as heavy drinking and meat-laden diets, their gaze and priorities fall onto more ethical practices as well as healthier ones. When it comes to the drink trades, especially the No & Low sector, there are far more newer companies and customers will keep a lookout for those who are following more ethical and fairer lines. 

Kolibri has set themselves apart as one of the leading companies in the Low and No sector, especially when it comes to fair trade and social enterprising projects. In partnership with the company B1G1, Kolibri aims to support young people in crisis with healthcare and mental support. Kolibri does this by donating a portion of the sale price to B1G1, helping to keep good causes going.

Customers will continue to look out for such ethical practices throughout the year and into the future as this sector continues to grow.



The Depth and Range of Products will Grow 

Another certain when it comes to Spring/Summer Low and No trends is the sheer scale in which it will grow. As the demand for such top quality products inevitably becomes greater, the new generation of teetotallers and health-conscious will have shifted the tide immovably. As the demand grows, so will the competition for far more choice, quality and uniqueness. 

Ahead of this demand is Kolibri’s in-depth range of alcohol-free cocktails, complete with ‘liqueur de dosage’ to curate your own drink. These cocktails are crafted with unique taste and flavour experiences in mind, including Tales of Tuscany, Tales of Marrakesh and Tales of Somerset, giving you far more than your average Low and No alcohol drink.       







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