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Sober in style

Jan 21 2019

Sober in style

Alcohol consumption is declining each year and now 1 in 5 claim to be teetotal, rising to 1 in 3 in London (ONS). Abstaining whether simply for Sober October, Dry January or more regularly is becoming widespread and is losing the stigma that used to be present.

Perhaps unfairly termed ‘generation sensible’ for the Millennials drinking to get drunk is no longer seen as being cool. Mintel’s Alcoholic Drinks review found that 47% of the 25-34s surveyed thought that getting drunk was ‘uncool’. An even bigger number claimed the same in the survey from Eventbrite which also showed how it is far cooler to be part of the sober brigade, “seven in ten would rather brag about how long it’s been since they were last drunk, rather than how much they’ve drunk”. With the plethora of headlines about the impact that alcohol and possible addiction has on weight, skin, sleep, mental health, cancer and all number of illnesses, it is no wonder that we are making more conscious decisions and reining in our tendencies to excess.

Customers are looking for different options when they are ‘not drinking’ which are enjoyable and grown-up and not just another lemonade or tonic variant. What’s more they want something premium that fits with the occasion so that they don’t have to feel that they are only getting ‘second best’.

“Modern customers want a healthy, great tasting and indulgent drink - all at the same time. They want an experience, ritual and theatre in this area too. With the decline in alcohol consumption accelerating, it is time for alcohol-free drinks which will delight consumers and which are on a par with alcoholic alternatives.” (Kamila Sitwell, Kolibri co-founder)

At Kolibri Drinks, we believe that a new era of personalised non-alcoholic drinks which is right for every individual is just the beginning. There is no need to feel apologetic or left out of the party through not drinking, or having to put up with a sub-standard, sugary fizz that is just not of the same quality as your preferred alcoholic choices. So whether a designated driver, pregnant, not in the mood for alcohol, watching the calories or whatever your reason for being sober, today’s drinker does not have to compromise on taste and enjoyment. Being sober in style is what it’s all about and we’ll drink to that!