What are consumers looking for in healthy drinks?

What are consumers looking for in healthy drinks?


Once upon a time, fizzy drinks, sugar-laden milkshakes and ready-to-go coffee were the products ruling the roost on supermarket shelves. Now, as the shift towards a healthier lifestyle becomes even more evident, healthy choices are beginning to dominate.

But this modern-aged consumer isn’t just looking for healthy options. They’re looking for healthy beverages that fit into the demands of their busy lifestyle, and are made by brands that look beyond their own profits.

Here, we explore five key features consumers are looking for in healthy drinks. 



The need for immediacy has become apparent in all aspects of our lives, from same-day deliveries to healthy beverages that we can enjoy on-the-go. In fact, Britvic’s latest study of the soft drinks market revealed that convenience is one of the number one trends of the moment.  

Brands like Kolibri have taken this idea one step further, allowing consumers to customise their healthy drinks on the go with a hassle-free cap filled with natural-sweetener, agave. After all, we all have different tastes, health preferences and dietary requirements and being able to customise our own drinks on-the-go is a great way to appeal to the masses. 



As the world becomes more environmentally conscious than ever before, consumers aren’t just looking for a drink that is good for them, but something that is also good for the world around them . Whether this is in a brand’s recyclable packaging, sustainable sourcing or commitment to support communities worldwide, consumers are looking for an authentic brand that’s willing to give back to the world.



Functionality has become the new buzz word in the world of healthy beverages. Forget the low-sugar and no-carb drinks, health-conscious consumers want something that gives their body an added je ne sais quois. Perhaps consumers are searching the shelves for something that fuels their body with the right nutrients, or maybe they’re looking for something with the added benefits of CBD?

Whatever it is that they’re searching for in their beverages, the trend is leaning towards drinks having a positive effect on your body. This is in line with a general shift towards healthier lifestyles. Some functional drinks on the market that are already proving popular include those that include green tea thanks to its ability to manage Type 2 Diabetes and collagen powder drinks that promote healthy skin.



Honestly is the best policy when it comes to health-conscious consumers. Today’s generation wants to know exactly what they’re putting into their body, where the ingredients came from and who’s selling the product. 

 A great example of this can be seen in the popular UK brand, BrewDog. One of the company’s six initiatives is the ‘BrewDog Freehouse’ which promises all of BrewDog’s recipes and brewing processes are publically available, allowing the consumer to know exactly what has been put into their drinks.


Premium Products

You may have noticed amongst your peers that more and more of the adult population are turning to a life of sobriety. As a result, we’re experiencing a shift in the drinks market that’s steering away from luxury spirits and wines, and towards premium non-alcoholic beverages that are sophisticated for an adult palate. Brands have started to step up to the challenge offering high-quality packaging, in-product customisation options and much more. 



Healthy drinks are here to stay, and with consumers becoming more and more informed about the products and ingredients that they are consuming,, it's not an opportunity brands can ignore. . However, before you start throwing every fruit and veg into the same bottle, you need to carefully consider what it is that the consumer is looking for. One thing that is for sure is that it’s a beverage that says more than ‘healthy’ on its packaging.


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