How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Helping the UK Become Healthier

How the Coronavirus Pandemic is Helping the UK Become Healthier

You don’t need us to tell you that the coronavirus has taken a huge toll on the world.

More than a million people have died, businesses have folded, children have missed months of education and without a vaccine, the future seems uncertain.

But despite all of this negativity, there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. More Brits than ever before are quitting their bad habits and making healthier lifestyle choices to help reduce their chances of suffering from severe complications of the disease.

What are these positive changes? Let us explain.


1. More people than ever are ditching the booze

Back at the beginning of the pandemic, many people treated the lockdown as an extended weekend and tended to indulge in alcohol more than before. And who can blame them? Fewer needed to get up for work the next day or worry about hangovers and the whole world seemed bleak and uncertain.

But as we started to adjust and things became more ‘normal’, people started to realise that this just wasn’t sustainable. Their health was starting to suffer and they couldn’t function normally, so they decided to cut down or quit drinking alcohol.

According to the Guardian newspaper, around one in three slashed their alcohol intake during the lockdown and many more continue to do so. Many of these have switched to healthier alternatives such as alcohol-free beers and non-alcoholic cocktails.

Health conscious drinkers are adopting a policy of moderation,” say drinks industry experts,  Beverage Daily, “cutting back in volume, reducing drinking occasions or switching their regular drinking choices for improved products in the low and no alcohol arena.”

The good news is that there are lots of healthier drinks products that you can enjoy so you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Drinks such as Kolibri CBD Cocktails have the same relaxing effects as alcohol but they’re actually good for you!


2. We’re thinking more carefully about our weight

Although many of us started comfort eating more than ever during the early days of the coronavirus and ended up gaining the so-called ‘Quarantine 15’, the trend has reversed since the summer. This is partly for reasons of vanity- we didn’t want to let our weight get completely out of control.

But it’s also because studies revealed that COVID-19 could be far more dangerous for the overweight and obese as well as those with diabetes, increasing the risk of dying by 50%. Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson hired a personal trainer and went on a diet after his brush with the virus.

As a result, more Brits than ever are heeding government health warnings and making better food choices. They’re making sure they’re getting at least their five a day, switching to healthier whole grains, cutting their junk food intake, opting for healthier alternatives to sugar such as stevia and agave syrup.


3. Online yoga and meditation classes are exploding in popularity

There can be no two ways about it. The entire business with the coronavirus has been incredibly stressful.

We’ve had to make the switch to remote working, lost our jobs, started homeschooling our kids, sacrificed our much-deserved holidays abroad and done what we can to keep everyone in the family healthy.

In the pre-COVID world, we’d burn off this stress by heading to the gym, meeting up with friends, heading to the pub or even booking ourselves a spa break. But that just isn’t an option anymore.

That’s why online stress-busting classes activities and such as yoga, tai chi and medication are exploding in popularity. They’re fun, affordable, you don’t need to go anywhere, and you don’t need to worry about looking silly (unless your kids are spying on you!). You can even reward yourself with a healthy, alcohol-free CBD cocktail at the end of your session.


4. Record numbers have quit smoking

When the news that smokers were more likely to suffer severe coronavirus symptoms, more than ever decided to quit the habit. It’s said that more than 1 million Brits quit during the lockdown alone, with yet more expected this ‘Stoptober’.

With so many stop smoking aids such as nicotine patches, gum, inhalers, medications, e-cigarettes and CBD available, it’s easier than it has ever been before. In fact, CBD alone is said to reduce smoking by up to 40%.


5. We’re cooking from scratch more than before

With restaurants and bars restricted or even closed, we’ve been dusting off our recipe books and learning the art of cooking. In huge numbers, we’ve finally mastered the art of sourdough bread, discovered that you really can knock up an awesome sausage gnocchi dish or pan-roasted mackerel in the comfort of your own home and get healthier whilst you’re doing so.

This has helped us slash the amount of hidden added sugars, salts, additives and preservatives we’re consuming and becoming stronger, healthier and more energetic as a result.



To quickly round things up, the threat of the coronavirus has clearly had a positive effect on people’s health.

Despite a shaky start, more of us than ever are improving our eating habits, losing weight, quitting smoking and drinking alcohol, getting more exercise and dealing with our stress. We’re eating more wholefoods, opting for low-sugar alcohol-free adult drinks and avoiding the junk so we can stay healthy for as long as possible.



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