Going sober: teetotal bloggers share their stories and advice

Going sober: teetotal bloggers share their stories and advice

Whether it’s for reasons of health, mind or body, more Brits than ever are looking to cut back on the level of alcohol they consume or go teetotal altogether. The choice to go sober in style is becoming more commonplace in society, with initiatives like Sober October and Dry January going mainstream, but although the lifestyle is being met with more understanding, that doesn’t mean giving up the bottle is an easy feat.

Drinking alcohol has been engrained in society since civilisation began, making appearances at almost every event or get together and making it feel near impossible to avoid. We spoke to teetotal bloggers to hear about their stories, what made them decide to adopt a sober lifestyle and their tips and advice for those looking to adopt a sober lifestyle.

“I knew if I wanted to live a more fulfilled life, then alcohol could no longer be a part of it.”

Emily Syphas, Sober & Social



The first blogger I spoke to was Emily Syphas, who set up her own blog and community of teetotallers in London, Sober & Social . The company hosts a range of alcohol-free events in top London venues, providing a fun and safe space for those looking to ‘enjoy life shaken, not slurred’.

“I decided to go teetotal as alcohol was starting to have a detrimental effect on my mental health and I wasn’t able to be the best version of myself when I was drinking. I found myself not sleeping well, not eating properly, not exercising and feeling depressed. My lifestyle was very unhealthy, and I knew if I wanted to live a more fulfilled life then alcohol could no longer be a part of it. I wanted to become a healthier and happier human being.”

Things soon started to turn around for Emily after she quit drinking, a big part of that being the launch of Sober & Social.

“Sobriety has changed my life in the most positive way. I am more self-aware of myself and others around me which allows me to deal with life situations in a more kind and loving way. I feel healthier, I sleep better and exercise most days.

“I started Sober & Social to help others feel empowered and confident in socialising without alcohol, through building a sober community and hosting sober events. This is something I wouldn’t have had the energy or time to do if I was still drinking.”

Emily gave us her top tips for staying on the sober path.

“Find a sober community - having sober friends has been invaluable to me. Also, find an exercise routine that works for you. Not only does it make you feel good, but it’s a good way to connect with people you may not normally connect with. Oh, and get reading! Quit Lit has a huge range of sobriety books, so there isn’t a shortage to feel inspired by.”

“In my early days of sobriety, I worried I would miss out on life. But my life was only just beginning.”

Katie Brunsdon, Stylishly Sober

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The next blogger kind enough to share her story with me was London-based Katie Brunsdon from Stylishly Sober. As well as blogging about fashion and life in the capital, Katie’s blog also talks about sobriety and alcohol addiction.

“In 2016, after years of struggling with alcohol addiction, I sought professional help in the form of a 28-day residential rehab programme. I was lucky enough to find this help through my work medical insurance. Where I am today, in comparison to where I was when I entered rehab, is nowhere short of a miracle.”

Katie told us how getting the help she needed to become sober enabled her to grow and change for the better.

“I have transformed as a person and I have found myself. Through becoming sober and continuing to choose the sober life, I have developed confidence I never thought I had, made friends I never thought I could and experienced things I could only ever dream of.”

Although the change in Katie’s life has been more than positive, she initially had doubts and concerns.

“In my early days of sobriety, I worried I would miss out on parties, dinners and life! But the truth is, my life was only just beginning.

“For anyone considering the sober way of life I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed! It has opened so many doors for me and many, many others. You can still go to bars, clubs, and house parties if you choose to. There are loads of non-alcoholic drinks out there and the best part is you’ll wake up the next day ready for a new adventure while being able to remember the last.”

“Getting sober has allowed me the space to heal from a lot of past trauma.”

Megan Montague, Sober Story


The third and final blogger I spoke to was Megan Montague, who shares the highs and lows of her sober journey over at Sober Story. After having suffered with anxiety and eating disorders as a young adult, Megan was able to find peace by taking control of her health, which for her meant hitting the gym and giving up alcohol.

“I had just reached a point in my life where alcohol was holding me back in every way and I was just TIRED of feeling terrible all the time. My mental health was at an all-time low and I felt like life was beginning to fall apart. There were just no upsides to drinking anymore.”

Since becoming sober, Megan has found that she has been able to address her mental health and heal from her past.

“My life has changed in so many ways. The biggest way though is that getting sober has allowed me the space to feel and heal from a lot of past trauma. This healing has impacted positively on every single aspect of my life.”

Megan also gave us her top tip if you’re just starting out on your sober journey.

“There is always going to be an excuse to drink - a party, a holiday, a birthday. You are allowed to grieve the loss of what these events would have looked like previously but find a way to re-frame. Plan exactly what fun things you will do to replace the booze. Being sober is not a life sentence - it will open the doors for genuine connection and fun!”

Can we help you on your path to teetotalism? Need advice on how to start catering for teetotallers? For all things sobriety, feel free to give us a follow on Instagram or drop our fabulous team a message for more information about our alcohol free drinks range.

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