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Alcohol and CBD: the dos and don’ts

Feb 26 2020

Alcohol and CBD: the dos and don’ts

When starting to experiment with CBD you may be wondering how different it is to other cannabis products containing THC and whether you can take it safely with alcohol. This guide of dos and don’ts will take you through all the things you need to know about taking CBD with alcohol.

Whether it be medicinally or for recreational purposes, you won’t have to ask “can I drink alcohol if I am taking CBD” anymore. And even if you are still not sure about mixing CBD with alcohol after this article, there are still many other ways to take CBD including, CBD alcohol free drinks that come lots of exciting flavours.

Cross buzzed not Cross faded

Many people know that alcohol and THC (the psychoactive component of the cannabis plant) do not mix very well. It creates a type of marijuana hangover that is known as a “crossfade”. However, CBD has a much different reaction because it is “credited with soothing anxiety, calming chronic pain and helping folks get a better night’s sleep” according to The Brothers Apothecary.

This is something that CBD sloth, a CBD blogger, has experienced himself as he states, “the biggest personal development was how easily I fell asleep at night. It doesn’t work like traditional sleep medication, which makes you drowsy. It merely calmed my mind and eased any stress and anxiety, so I drifted off much quicker without thoughts flying through my head”.

In fact, many people will say that you will not notice a difference in your buzz at all. It’s perfectly safe to mix CBD with alcohol and with the right tips, the experience can be even better.


Before you start to experiment, make sure you know the difference in the various types of CBD products that are out there, especially how they work before mixing them with alcohol. One thing to understand is that oil is different from tinctures. A CBD tincture is a soaked cannabis plant in an alcohol and water solution whereas a CBD oil is made when extracting the oil from the flowers of the hemp plant. It can be more potent than tinctures and is used differently. When getting started with CBD oil, OkCBD suggests you should “place a few drops of oil under your tongue. Hold the oil there for up to one minute before swallowing it. Holding the oil under your tongue speeds the CBD into your bloodstream by allowing the oral mucosa to absorb it” to get the best experience.


If you’re opting for CBD oil, don’t add it to your drink as it has the same properties as any other oil, making it insoluble and will simply float on top of your drink. If you use CBD oil this way it won’t absorb into the body properly, making the effects subdued, if you even experience any this way. If you want to mix it in a drink, use a CBD tincture which is water-soluble, many bars have begun to experiment with this form already.


When beginning with CBD, don’t take a full dose straight away. You’re always better building it up so you can assess the best dose for you, whether you’re using an oil or a tincture. If you take too much at once you may experience some unwanted side-effects as your body hasn’t had time to adjust to the dosage. If you are experiencing negative side-effects try lowering the dose and gradually building yourself back up as you will more likely feel more of the benefits that way.


If you’re taking CBD for medical reasons, always consult your doctor before using CBD with alcohol as they may be able to advise you on what is best for your condition. And if in doubt, you can always try a good old CBD mocktail which is also becoming more popular.


It goes without saying that you shouldn’t drive after you’ve consumed alcohol, even if it does include CBD. A known fact is that CBD can lower the alcohol content in your bloodstream. It is true that this could reduce the risk of alcohol poisoning and overconsumption, however, it will still affect both motor and psychomotor impairment meaning it does not reduce the effects of alcohol, and will still allow you to get drunk while consuming it. Never drink and drive.


Always make sure you check before you buy a CBD tincture or CBD drink. Make sure there is a certification of analysis on the bottle as it is important to know the purity and whether it’s safe to consume, for example, make sure that the alcohol that is used is a food standard alcohol as anything else is not safe to drink. This is especially important if you’re buying online. And always remember that a bargain isn’t always the best way to go. Compromising on price can sometimes be risky as you’re paying for purity, so if a bargain is too good to be true, then it probably isn’t going to give you the best experience.

When experimenting with CBD you might think there is a lot to learn. But with these simple tips, you’re on your way to becoming a CBD connoisseur. The mixture of CBD and alcohol can bring you great experiences, and with the industry constantly evolving and bringing more great products like Kolibri drinks’ CBD alcohol free drinks, the future of CBD is unending.

About the author:

Kamila is a bestselling author of  “Bespoke. How to radically grow your bar and restaurant business through personalisation”, and passionate trend-spotter for the UK Eating Out market with thousands of followers on her widely popular blog kamilasitwell.co.uk.

With a decade of hands-on experience collaborating with hospitality influencers and insight experts and background in setting strategies for leading brands, Kamila has become the industry champion for truly bespoke and guest-centric experiences.

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