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5 Reasons to Try CBD

Jan 31 2020

5 Reasons to Try CBD

Known for its abundance of health and wellbeing benefits, CBD has become a widely used product here in the UK, around 300,000 according to The Week’s recent article. Made from the chemical compound cannabidiol, CBD is found in the cannabis plant but contains no psychoactive properties, unlike its sister compound THC. The rise in these trends sees the introduction of infused drinks, foods and beauty products, but there is often still a cloud of curiosity and confusion over why people should try CBD and what sort of results they will see. In this article, I discuss five reasons why I think more consumers should try CBD and what sort of effect this is having on the food and drinks industry.

It won’t get you high

One of the main reasons I feel that people steer clear of CBD or CBD oils is because it can be confusing and unclear as to whether the product is actually legal. The cannabidiol compound that is found within cannabis is completely legal in the UK and in a number of other countries worldwide for personal and medicinal use, so you don’t have to worry about any confusing legalities. These oils are harvested from the hemp plant, leaving the end product with no illegal THC and CBD instead.  

Tuck has recently released an article all about the positive effects it can have and explains a little more about its no-psychoactive properties: “CBD is considered low-risk in terms of adverse effects. CBD is non-toxic and a recent report from the National Cancer Institute notes that overdosing on CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids is virtually impossible. This is due, in part As someone in the drinks market, I’m excited to see more products include CBD within them, to the fact that cannabinoid receptors – unlike opioid receptors – are not found in parts of the brainstem that control respiration.” 

Relieves stress and anxiety

One of the main benefits and one that I think is most important is how consuming a couple of drops of oil, having an infused drink or applying a moisturiser may help relieve stress and anxiety, Healthline recently reported that in a recent study: “Participants were given an oral dose of 400 milligrams (mg) of CBD or a placebo. Those who received CBD experienced overall reduced anxiety levels.”

Affecting people of all ages in our society today, anxiety and stress can be difficult to handle and the introduction of these sorts of products has proved relief for thousands. Commonly used before a stressful event or after a flurry of anxiety, Very Well Mind say that CBD van have really positive effects on anxiety: “According to many anecdotal reports, some people who suffer from anxiety have experienced an easing of their anxiety symptoms, or a pleasant calming effect after taking CBD oil.”

For consumers who are looking for long term and sustainable solutions to combat stress, CBD can be a real winner. The cannabidiol market has been projected to “reach £1.68 billion by 2020”, The Morning Advertiser reports.

One of the more commonly talked about benefits of CBD is that it can alleviate pain and is even prescribed as soft pain relief by medical professionals in some parts of the world. The substance is widely associated with inflammation and its apparent ability to reduce swelling and bruising as well as being thought to help people with arthritic conditions.

The substance interacts with the endocannabinoid system and blocks the transmission signals around the body, in turn reducing the amount of pain we feel, as well as managing nerve and muscle pain, as Healthline explains: “Studies have shown that CBD may help reduce chronic pain by impacting endocannabinoid receptor activity, reducing inflammation and interacting with neurotransmitters.” These potential benefits have driven many to try the CBD products currently on the market, and demand is constantly rising. For those constantly battling chronic pain and inflammations, it could be the pathway they need to live a more mindful life.

Skin, hair and nail benefits

Not only has CBD propelled into the food and drinks industry, but it has also taken the health and beauty industry by storm with well-known brands, including NYX, Milk Makeup and Revolution Beauty all introducing new ranges as the year progresses. CBD is often overlooked when it comes to caring for our skin and hair but some of the benefits are unavoidable for those looking to transform their daily routine. A reduction in the signs of ageing, less acne and breakouts, UV damage prevention and a boost in the elasticity of the skin, what’s not to love? When it comes to hair, many people claim to see improved shine, less split ends and an improvement vibrancy. A quick look around your local pharmacy will soon lead you to some of these new CBD introductions, so giving them a try could give you some really surprising benefits. These new beauty and skincare products don’t stop at external usage, the introduction of CBD edibles have also hit the high-street shelves with a bang. CBD gummies, vitamins and capsules are now readily available to those who wish to consume its many benefits.

Aids sleep

Sleep is something we all need, but it is also a part of our lives that some of us often struggle with. CBD is known for its relaxation and pain-relieving properties, but it can also be amazing at regulating sleep stability. 

Papa and Barkley have recently discussed the benefits on their website, saying: “CBD acts on receptors throughout the body known as the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system affects many physiological processes, including the body’s hormone levels, immune system, sleep/wake cycles and pain receptors. Effects of CBD on insomnia and sleeplessness may vary based on each person’s individual biology and tolerance. But for individuals looking for a possible treatment for sleep issues, CBD is a safe, non-habit-forming alternative to pharmaceuticals that shows great promise for those who struggle to get restful sleep.”

Unlike with marijuana, the target audience for CBD is anyone interested in wellness, people who want to live a more mindful life, not the counterculture stoners. And the demand for high-quality CBD products is rising every day. In fact, there are currently 1.3 million CBD users in the UK. The opportunities are endless, and people are actively looking for solutions. Soon, people will be stepping into bars and restaurants and ordering CBD cocktails over alcoholic ones. In fact, it is already happening. Millennials have been shifting from consuming “volume beer” to sipping cocktails and wine in smaller amounts. Alcohol is declining at an alarming rate and CBD just happened to come in at the perfect time.